President Eisenhower's grandson Professor. David Eisenhower and Mrs. Julie (the eldest daughter of President Nixon) visited Japan, and his Royal Highness Prince Akihito invited the couple along with 10 pairs of Japanese and American couples to a horse racing tour in Fuchu. Mr. Kadono was accompanied by Deputy Director. Uryu from the Imperial Household Agency on the tour. This encounter led Prime Minister Abe meeting Mrs. Mary Eisenhower at the White House, and Mrs. Eisenhower attended the 60th Anniversary Ceremony of the Japan-US Security Treaty as a guest of honor fifty years later.(References)


Mr. Amano, President of DENSO America, consulted with Mr. Kadono for the expatriates and their families about emergency response, and "JAN Anshin Service", which provides 24-hour emergency response and assistance in 100 languages was initiated. Mr. Amano introduced Mr. Kadono to Mr. Fujio Cho, Toyota’s Kentucky factory manager (later president), when the factory started manufacturing which lead to deliver “Anshin Service” to the expatriates and their families of Toyota. Following that, Mr. Kadono started to deliver “Anshin Service” to more than 150 major companies such as Mitsubishi Materials, Nissan, Aisin, Kintetsu Travel, NTA.(References)


Mr. Kadono visited Japan with Principal, Mr. Yoshida of Asahi Gakuen, a supplementary school in Los Angeles, and met with Minister of Education, Mr. Matsunaga. Later, the number of schools accepting children of overseas residents increased, and they are able to preferentially enroll in many public and private universities, including the University of Tokyo.(References)


Minister of International Trade and Industry Matsunaga hurriedly invited Mr Kadono while the party attending the Japan-US Trade Council waited for five hours at Los Angeles Airport, and he was introduced to the main participants attending the conference.


Mr. Kadono heard from USC (University of Southern California) Professor Iwaki that Former Vice President Walter Mondale, who was the next U.S. Ambassador consulted him on medical issues for American citizens in Japan and Mr. Kadono set up a meeting for Professor Iwaki, Ambassador Mondale, and Foreign Minister Taro Nakayama, who was also a doctor immediately after Ambassador Mondale took office.


In the case of the shooting of Mr. Hattori an international student, TV stations and other companies rushed to JAN and Mr. Kadono was contacted by the White House Chief of Staff for his opinion. Mr. Kadono sent a strict opinion to President Clinton and received a thank-you letter.(References)


His Majesty the Emperor Akihito's first visit to the United States coincided with the World Cup of soccer, and hotels around Los Angeles were filled with reservations from four years prior. The Minister of Foreign Affairs visited the United States and did not reach a conclusion at the meeting, and Mr. Kadono was asked to cooperate. He informed "there is almost no possibility” of persuading the GMs of the three hotels the next day. After all, he secured the first choice Beverly Wilshire Hotel, hurray!(References)


The Consulate-General of Los Angeles started a trial service for emergency call response agency while the office was closed, and expanded to the Japanese embassies and consulates around the world.(References)


Received a thank-you letter from Senator Barbara Boxer of California for many years of counsel on the safety of the people of the state.(References)


Received a thank-you letter from Senator Diane Einstein of California for long-standing advice on the issue of gun crime.(References)


Ambassador Kunihiko Saito introduced Mr. Kadono and his eldest daughter Yuka to the students of the Japan America Student Conference, in which major Japanese and American politicians such as Prime Minister Miyazawa and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger participated as students.


In the prize-awarding ceremony when Israeli Prime Minister Rabin was winning President Reagan's Freedom Award, many historical figures such as Marshal Colin Powell (later Secretary of State), Chair Arafat were present. Mr. Kadono was seated with JBA Chairman Amano, Consul General Noboru and Mr. and Mrs. Sano of Ernest & Young. Mr. Kadono and his his eldest daughter Yuka attended the ceremony with her father who went to the next table where Mrs. Nancy Reagan was seated and introduced Yuka who was the classmate of the president's grandson Michael Reagan.(References)


Mr. Kadono received the industry's highest honor Odyssey Award for many years of contributions to the safety of international travelers from the TIA American Travel Agency, a leader in the American travel industry.(References)


Mr. Kadono received the Leadership Award from the Senate Committee.(Reference)


上院委員会よりMr. Kadono received the Businessman of the Year Award from the Senate Committee.

Both awards were given to Mr. Kadono a year later after being displayed in the parliament.(References)


In July, Mr. Kadono was invited to a meeting of the Presidential Commercial Commission in Washington and a presidential luncheon.(References)


Mr. Kadono was appointed as an advisor by the Los Angeles County Bar Association.