One photo became a bridge between Japan and the United States

June, 1957

President Eisenhower
and Prime Minister Kishi

The picture was taken in June 1957 when President Eisenhower and Prime Minister Kishi went golfing. Senator Prescott Bush, the father of President Bush (senior) on the far right.

Year of the Osaka Expo

President Eisenhower's grandson Professor. David Eisenhower and Mrs. Julie (the eldest daughter of President Nixon) visited Japan, and his Royal Highness Prince Akihito invited the couple along with 10 pairs of Japanese and American couples to a horse racing tour in Fuchu. Mr. Kadono was accompanied by Deputy Director. Uryu from the Imperial Household Agency on the tour. This encounter led Prime Minister Abe meeting Mrs. Mary Eisenhower at the White House, and Mrs. Eisenhower attended the 60th Anniversary Ceremony of the Japan-US Security Treaty as a guest of honor fifty years later.
January, 2020

50 years later
to Prime Minister Abe

Mr. Kadono sent this photo and letter to President Eisenhower's grandson, Professor Eisenhower, while sending the same to the Trump administration's White House. This led to Prime Minister Abe meeting with Professor Eisenhower's sister Mary at the White House when he visited the United States. (As you know, Prime Minister Abe is the grandson of Prime Minister Kishi.) Then, Prime Minister Abe invited Mrs. Mary Eisenhower to the ceremony to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Japan-US Security Treaty.
A single photo and letter shows a story that connects the leaders of Japan and the United States.