Introductory articles by major Japanese and American magazines

The Japanese Assistance Network Company in Los Angeles has been well received by providing interpreting and assistance services with doctors 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency for Japanese residents and international students in North America.


JAN's service helps with any matter when it receives a call from someone in need. (Explaining an example of a traveler getting sick in Key West.) Now you know where to call when Japanese people are in trouble overseas.

- Los Angeles Times

George Ramos

The Japanese Assistant Network's "Anshin Service" connects Japanese expatriates to the hospital or police by calling the JAN center in the event of an emergency such as a sudden illness, accident, or theft. Using a three-way calling system that allows all parties to talk at the same time, they can explain the situation to hospitals with simultaneous interpretation.

- Nikkei Business Calendar

When calling the toll-free number on JAN’s Anshin Card, the callers are greeted in Japanese "Yes, this is JAN." This first voice is reassuring. Especially useful in an emergency.

- Globe-Trotter Travel Guide Book

"Anshin Service" is for expatriates and their families who are unfamiliar with living abroad, and in case of emergency, the operators will explain in Japanese using a three-way call system with the police and emergency hospitals, and the best advice will be given whenever and wherever they are.

- The Asahi Shimbun (The Asahi News)